'This Transient Life'

Inspector Vignoles Mystery no 12.


A new book is nearing completion!


Lots of editing still to do of course, but hopefully, book 12 can be in the shops before Christmas! Fingers crossed!


Inspired by the pandemic of 1957, and overlaid with our own current crisis and a dose of 'John Wyndham' style invention, Vignoles is battling (amongst others) an invisible enemy...

More updates to follow…


Book 11 in the series, 'The Signalman's Daughter' is currently on hold, awaiting a rewrite.


Hopefully it can see the light of day around Springtime 2021, by which time we hope more heritage lines will be operating and Vignoles can be restocked by many of these wonderful outlets!


Thank you for your patience... But you wait for one Vignoles to steam along and just maybe will get two in quick time!


Very best wishes