My boyfriend and I spent New Year in Rothley & one morning we went to Loughborough on the Central Central Railway train. A glorious beast which had me beaming from ear to ear & feeling like a kid. My boyfriend saw your book "Blood & Custard" in the bookshop on the station platform when we arrived, read the back of it & said "You'll definitely enjoy this". He was so right! I found it so immersive and thought the story line was harrowing & captivating at the same time. I've now bought the first 3 books of the Inspector Vignoles collection & am very much looking forward to their delivery.

Thanks for the detailed but not gratuitously gory story & some great characters.
After reading the first book I have eagerly awaited and read each subsequent book in the series, so beautifully written, I enjoyed the short story format of the Mountsorrel mysteries, and now await the next book.
Would make an excellent T.V. series
The Mountsorrel Mystery, what a great read. I've just finished this book, gives wonderful background information and more thought provoking endings. I really cannot wait for the next book and I love the short story format. Well done Stephen!
I am a volunteer researcher with the British Transport Police History Group and I know that a number of our members have read these books and enjoyed them. I have read so far 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' and enjoyed every page. So well done Steve.
Seven books. Each book better and better. Characters grow in depth and we grow with them. Descriptive, evocative, atmospheric and each book with a plot that is not only gripping but realistic and believable. The backdrop of the railways adds to the human drama. Add fantastic cover design and the set not only looks great on a bookshelf but is one that you will return to and read again.
I have read all of the Inspector Vignoles Mysteries. They have all been brilliant but 'Blood and Custard' is the best so far. A superb read: it was impossible to put down. Brilliant plot, characters and nerve-racking denouement. Absolutely superb. I can't wait for the next book.
Wonderful series, I have the full set. Enjoyed every one. Not sure about constant references to a certain football team though! Keep them coming Stephen. Graham Gill ( Evertonian)
Just finished "Blood and Custard". A cracking read from start to finish; well up to Stephen Done's high standards.
Just finished "Blood and Custard". A cracking read from start to finish; well up to Stephen Done's high standards.
This series has been so evocative in recalling the spirit and "feel" of the austerity days in Britain of the late 1940s / early 1950s. The railway atmosphere is spot-on. One is standing inside the shed at Woodford, on the platform at Leicester Central or the surroundings of Marylebone.

So far the author hasn't written a "bummer". Looking forward to Blood and Custard.
Wonderful, so nostalgic & so knowledgeable. I love & have driven old steam trains, am a life member of CAMRA & now in Brighton Rock, he's even embraced my other love - parrots! I read aloud the "footplate experience" chapter in "The Last Train", to a steam enthusiast dying of cancer; I cannot stress the pleasure which it brought to him. Thank you & God bless you, Stephen Done.
Read all 5 books and can't wait for number 6. An excellent read for anyone who likes a good page-turning mystery, whether or not you're a nostalgic fan of a bygone railway era.
Nearly finished The Last Train. This is an excellent story, gripping throughout. Having read all the previous and enjoyed them all, there is a progression in that each new story reveals a mastery and maturity of style from the auther. Being magnetically drawn to anything railway and loving a good story these books are a great find. Great stuff, look forward to the next book.
Currently in the middle of 'Last Train' and loving every page-turning moment.
As a young lad living near Southam Wks in the 1950's through late 1960's I became a Great Central enthusiast from 1957 (my first year at Grammar Scool in Leaminton) . I cycled to Staverton Road, Woodford Halse, Charlwelton and Eastern Bridge Rugby regularly for the next 7 years (so witnessed the sad decline) by then I hade visited Gorton Tank, Annesly and many other sheds in Greater Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham .

Having lived in London since the 1970's I regulary travel on the Chiltern Line and visit the area between Brackley and Rugby on a semi regular basis. These books have brought back such happy memories of the Great Central and these happy days which are to me strated 55 years ago it only seems like yesterday. Stephen keep up the good work
I was asked to research information about this author for my Aunt, Joan Barron, who was brought up in Woodford Halse and found both the story and it's setting wonderful.
Superb page-turning books. I live in Woodford Halse, and can still recognise all the locations here.
The atmosphere is gripping - read A Murder of Crows during the cold weather in early 2010. That really enhanced the feel of the book!
Keep up the great work!