New Brighton Rock (1951)


"I think it is surpassingly good, gripping right from word one!!" Ewan Wilson, Crime Buyer, Waterstones Crime Buyer


Summer 1951. A young boy fishes something sinister out of a river. A ship enters Liverpool carrying a stoker who is not who he claims to be. In the fairground, an odd character looking like a down-at-heel Marlene Dietrich, cranks a barrel organ and sings ‘Mack the Knife’ in a cracked voice. She sheds a silent tear for her long-dead brother.


D.I.Charles Vignoles and wife Anna are holidaying in the seaside resort of New Brighton, but all is not well in their boarding house. A fellow guest is missing, and soon they are drawn into a steadily-deepening mystery. What does the missing man know about a violent robbery at Bidston station that left a man dead? Did he know too much?


Charles and Anna's quest to discover the truth takes them onto Liverpool’s Overhead Railway and across the electrified railway lines of Wirral. But as the sun beats down on sea and sand, there are sinister and violent men moving through the holiday crowds…



'As for NBR, I have indeed chosen it as one of my three 'Ewan'd love from Santa' choices of the year which gives it extra prominence in the shop.'
Ewan Wilson, Waterstones, Glasgow


‘An exciting and captivating read. Each move is meticulously told and there is a pace to the story that keeps one turning the pages.’ Mainline Magazine


‘To come across your work has been a matter of joy. Thank you for the evident craft that you apply to your writing.’

Tony Johnson


Inspector Vignoles Mystery No 6



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ISBN 978-1-904-24-2


The Hastings Press

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