'One Way Ticket'

A short film.

An Ettinger Brothers Production, written and directed by David Griffiths.


Based upon the short story of the same name, part of The Inspector Vignoles Mysteries series, this short film features Chief Inspector Vignoles and the British Railways Detectives unravelling a perplexing murder mystery dating from Superintendent John Badger's early years in the force. Starring John Maguire, Paul Arends, Charlotte Holguin, Thomas Casson and Leonidas Pan.


Filmed entirely on location on the Great Central Railway and the Producers, director and cast extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Great Central Railway who offered so muh help in making this tricky, one day filming in torrential rain, possible.


Photographs courtesy of Andy AB.

One Way Ticket - Inspector Vignoles

Photograpsh taken by Andy AB from the film shoot at the Great Central Railway.