Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (1946)


Book one of the Inspector Vignoles Mystery series.

ISBN 978-1904-109-??-?

1st Edition, (December 2007) 2nd Edition revised (2011)




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Violet McIntyre has a decision to make. Her mother and younger sister depend on Violet making this the correct choice, but she could never have forseen just how bad it would prove to be. Soon Violet's life is curiously linked to an investigation that Detective Inspector Charles Vignoles of the L.N.E.R Detective Department is pursuing. Vignoles thinks he's making good progress, but when two young railway cleaners at Woodford Halse locomotive depot make a startling discovery, everything spirals out of control, becoming ever deadlier by the hour. D.I. Vignoles struggles to understand the worsening situation, and like the smoke from the grimy locomotives that gets in his eyes, his judgment becomes clouded. But he cannot afford to make a mistake - a woman's life depends upon it. 


Set in 1946 during the austere gloom of post-war Britain, this is a gripping and atmospheric murder mystery, laced throughout by the atmosphere of the old Great Central Railway and the swing beat of the music of the time.


'An absolutely riveting story. It has all the elements of a cracking yarn - tension and suspense that wills the good guys to hurry up and catch the villains and a love interest that hopefully can be developed in future books. It would be nice to see Inspector Vignoles join the likes of Morse and Wexford in the expanding ranks of literary sleuths' 

British Railway Modelling, October 2008


'This book exceeds the promises on the cover...I emerged from this book covered in soot with Glenn Miller ringing in my ears'

Self-Publishing Magazine No 22 Spring 2012


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