The Last Train (to Brackley Central) (1950)


Book five of the Inspector Vignoles Mystery series.

ISBN 9781916401006

1st Edition, (1st April 2012) SOLD OUT! A new edition is being prepared by The Vignoles Press for issue in February 2019.





'I know she's out there - beside the viaduct. Waiting…' The signalman looked anxious.


‘She does that too - but always on the last train. Yes, the last train to Brackley Central.'


Richard Irons, Magdalen College School's new mathematics master, awakens when a strange woman creeps into his compartment with a sad tale to tell - and a deadly favour to ask. But as the train reaches Brackley Central she slips through his arms like a phantom.


Detective Inspector Vignoles will never have a more curious and baffling case as he searches for a young woman apparently back from the dead, a dangerous dog on the prowl - and for the Cobra's Eye, a diamond that destroys the lives of all who touch it…


'It's a cracking good yarn. Recommended'

4 stars. Steam Railway April 2012

SOLD OUT. New edition being prepared by The VIgnoles Press for issue early 2019.